Lost in Lace: New approaches by UK and international artists

A thin line between space and matter, Tamar Frank, 2011. Photo: Sophie Mutevelian

Lost in Lace saw twenty leading international artists take over the Gas Hall at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery from 29 October 2011 to 19 February 2012 showcasing how patterns, materials and cultural traditions of lace are represented through radical new approaches. The exhibition was produced in partnership between Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and the Crafts Council, in association with the University for the Creative Arts.

It featured large-scale, theatrical and visually spectacular work, which challenged perceptions of what lace can be, it involved the visitor in an environment where spaces became fluid and thread created entirely new boundaries. Many of the international artists were showing in the UK for the first time and the artworks broke out beyond the bounds of the gallery into public spaces.


Lost in Lace: Concealed and Revealed

Point de Gaze needlelace flounce, early 20th century
Point de Gaze needlelace flounce, early 20th century

Lost in Lace was accompanied by a new display of lace from Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery’s textile collection. Lost in Lace: Concealed and Revealed told the stories behind lace, it revealed hidden histories and the often dark side of these beautifully made items. The exhibition had been curated by Gail Baxter and was shown on the Bridge Gallery.


Textile Society

This display was supported by The Textile Society.


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